What are top residential properties in Lucknow

  • 27 December 2021
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Looking to buy flats in Lucknow, there are top residential properties in lucknow are as below:

Paarth Republic

Paarth Arka

Paarth Aadyant

Aryavarta Empire

“Buying a house of your own is a dream with which all of us have grown up in a middle class family. Owning a house gives me not only a status in society but also a sense of economic safety. Also owning a property results in a freedom to owners by way of being able to decorate or alter it the way one wishes. However, when buying a property, there are multiple choices now a days unlike the times of our parents when the only houses on offer would be the ones constructed by state or city housing boards..”

So, when I decided to buy a property for myself, I started thinking about how to go about it. I did go through this process over a six month time period and learnt quite a lot. I will share with you some of my learnings and hope it will help you in the process if you are planning to buy a house like me. I am from Lucknow, lived with my parents in a rented house and after my education got employed with an IT company. As I was getting decent salary, after meeting some basic expenses like buying a car, I wanted to buy a house. The first choice I faced was - What to buy? I mean whether an independent house, a flat in a high-rise or a LDA flat in mid-height building. The other choice I had to make was as to how big a house I wanted, whether a 1 BHK/ 2 BHK/ 3 BHK or some other size. I finally decided to buy a 2 BHK flat in a high-rise from a private builder.

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